Branding is Business.

verdelimōn was born in 2006 in Barcelona as an independent branding agency, focusing on projects from strategy to design.

We understand our work as a tool to achieve business goals, an agent of change in organizations and a mechanism to make companies grow.

Verdelimon design studio office

Our approach.

We craft it with a creative, familiar and empathic approach, based on three pillars to guarantee our success:

Verdelimon, in brand we trust

#1 · In brand we trust.

We believe in the power of brands. We use our expertise in strategy, design, and technology to harness this power making harder, better, faster and stronger brands with positive impact in society.

Verdelimon, work with us

#2 · Work "with", not "for".

We work as a team with our clients, being by their side constantly and offering agile and clear answers. Maintaining a warm and close relationship is the key to carry out projects to success.

Verdelimon, be honest my friend

#3 · Be honest, my friend.

Life is too short, let's focus on client needs. Here you'll deal directly with the project team, get awesome agility in deliveries and pay realistic market range prices. Trust us, it's possible.

Alex Torrens at Verdelimon design studio office

The V team.

Our team is a compact selection of versatile professionals able to guarantee creativity, quality and agility in any type of project.

We are like a family, let's make it easy ;)

Alex Torrens Verdelimon
Alex Torrens
Branding + Barça + Bpizza
Núria Prats verdelimon
Núria Prats
Put a manager in your life
Edu Crespo verdelimon
Edu Crespo
50% Foodie / 50% Designer
Rubén Martínez verdelimon
Rubén Martínez
Learn, learn, learn...
Mikki Lozano verdelimon
Mikki Lozano
Design gossip master
Andrés Mercy verdelimon
Andrés Mercy
Photoshop's best friend
Vania Nedkova
Vania Nedkova
Don't say packaging, say Vania
Pol Perez - Best hair, better flow
Pol Pérez
Best hair, better flow
Andrea Gianella
Photography jedi master